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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a rich and interesting history. It welcomes students from across the globe. The wealth of cultural diversity offers a great opportunity to study in wide choice of vibrant institutions. With world class art galleries, museums, theatres and music venues as well as areas of outstanding natural beauty, it’s a great place to study.

United States

The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. For this reason, it attracts large numbers of students from around the globe.  Each state offers something different for you to experience, from culture to entertainment and everything in between, the US has something to offer everybody.


Canada is a country with many vibrant cities and welcoming communities. It also has some of the world’s most stunning scenery. For those who love outdoor activities such as skiing or sailing it is definitely a place to consider for your studies. It’s strong and stable economy makes it a great choice for job hunters too.


Australia is an island continent and the world’s sixth-largest country by landmass. It is a popular destination for students and offers a unique biodiversity and culture attractive to learners and career-makers. With lots of year-round sunny weather, you might be surprised to know that they do actually get snow in their aptly named Snowy Mountains!


Poland offers an enriching cultural experience to incoming international students and this makes it one of the top destinations to choose for continued study. Poland is an affordable country, with a lower cost of living compared to other European countries, and it offers a good quality of life.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with some truly beautiful, cinematic scenery. Offering excellent study opportunities and a high standard of living, it’s an excellent place to further your education and gain accredited qualifications. You’ll also find a warm welcome from the New Zealand people.

Czech Republic

In the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic offers a diverse range of interesting study programmes. It also benefits from a low cost of living and varied cultural diversity. It has a thriving social scene, particularly in its capital, Prague, and is popular with students from across the globe.


Singapore is a sophisticated country offering modern living in vibrant and multicultural communities. Offering a warm, sunny climate all year long and a great social scene, it’s a wonderful place for outdoor activity and for making new friends. With its strong and stable economy, it’s also a great place to start a career too.


Offering everything from historic castles to natural beauty, Slovakia has much to recommend it as a study destination. It offers a good standard of living and is a great place to consider for schooling or university study. Slovakia is the perfect place for those interested in a country with a rich history.


Belarus is located in eastern Europe. Belarus takes pride in its significant artistic heritage and beautiful countryside. Students have the chance to enhance their knowledge of a new culture whilst completing their education in this affordable country.


Russia is a country with a proud heritage. It also has one of the finest mass-education systems in the world and has a long-standing tradition of high quality education. It is a place of unique art, architecture, and fascinating culture. International students from all around the world choose Russia for their studies.


With its position close to the equator, Malaysia has a hot but steady climate. Offering world class infrastructure and a warm and friendly welcome for all visitors. Malaysia has a multi-ethnic vibe and international students are encouraged to study here. As a result, it has rapidly become a favourite destination for students.


Bulgaria is a country which has beautiful countryside as well as beaches. After becoming part of the European Union, it has become an attractive place to live, work and study. Because of this, it offers a range of educational qualifications which are widely recognised internationally.

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