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UK Colleges/Universities

The UK is a world leader in international university study, second only to the USA. There is a wide range of high-quality programmes in a diverse range of subjects including medicine, science, engineering and social studies. Known for world-class research, the UK’s academic institutions including colleges and universities consistently appear in the top of world rankings.

US Colleges/Universities

The US offers a vast range of courses at their total of 172 universities and colleges. Many of the top universities foster an entrepreneurial culture amongst their alumni. There is strong focus on science, technology and engineering, although arts, culture and humanities also feature highly at some of the top institutions.

Canadian Colleges/Universities

Amongst the top Canadian Universities, there is a strong focus on research impact, with the academic work produced being highly regarded. Canada also takes a proactive approach to fostering international collaborations, meaning that they are very open to overseas students applying to their colleges and universities.

Australian Colleges/Universities

Australia attracts and is open to overseas student applications. It ranks as one of the top destinations chosen by students wanting to continue their studies overseas. The top universities also boast Nobel Prize winners amongst their faculty and alumni. Some of Australia’s top universities have a focus on business innovation and design.

Polish College/Universities

Poland’s schooling system is deemed to offer a high standard, and this has translated in recent years to their higher education too. The Polish system sees many of their higher education institutions focusing on specific subject areas. You will find opportunities to study law, economics, natural and social sciences as well as medicine.

New Zealand College/Universities

New Zealand is very much an international place to study, welcoming students from across the globe to its temperate and welcoming country. You will find world recognised institutions here offering focus on study and research as well as art and health science. It has become one of the most attractive destinations for international students.

Czech Republic College/Universities

The Czech Republic has universities located across the country, including in its capital, Prague. There are opportunities to attend a wide range of academic programmes from technology to economics. The varies universities teaches a number of degree programmes in English.

Singapore College/Universities

Singapore is known to be a centre of innovation and is attractive to investors. There is therefore a strong culture of encouraging entrepreneurship amongst college and university students. There are a wide range of study opportunities from engineering, finance and medicine amongst others. Singapore is widely known for its excellent standard of education.

Slovakian College/Universities

The universities of Slovakia are known for their focus on particular specialisms, such as technology, scientific research and economics. A beautiful country, there are opportunities for those that study in Slovakia to access a range of outdoor activities such as snowboarding and caving, as well as study programmes.

Belarus College/Universities

The most well-known universities in Belarus are located in the capital, Minsk. You will find a wide range of courses offered across the city, with a specific focus on research activities. Belarusian Colleges and Universities are recognised for the depth and quality of their varies courses and have seen to set high values on education.

Russian College/Universities

Most of Russia’s top universities are located in its capital, Moscow, where you will find centres for technology and international relations. Outside of the capital there are also universities and colleges offering leading courses in science and IT education, amongst others.

Malaysian College/Universities

There are a range of top universities located in Malaysia offering study from medicine to linguistics and education. There is also a strong culture of research as well as institutes specifically dedicated to energy research. There are many opportunities for international students wishing to attend their colleges and universities.

Bulgarian College/Universities

Bulgaria’s top-rated university is located in its capital, Sofia. There are a range of institutions across the country, and there are programmes ranging from technology, economics and medicine. These programmes are also available both their native language and English, enabling students to explore their opportunities.

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